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Here are more of our Competitions Winners.

Parade winners can be found here.

Dog Show

No question who stole the show here, we just weren't expecting it to be an owner! All our four-legged winners were equally gorgeous.

Best Puppy -               Best Pedigree -

1st - Dusty                   1st - Ralph

2nd - Willow                 2nd - Punch

3rd - Bonnie                 3rd - Snowy

Most Like Owner -   Sausage Catcher -

1st - Buddy                  1st - Lottie

2nd - Clifford              2nd - Dylan

3rd - Rigby                  3rd - Obi

          Best in Show -

               1st - Obi

               2nd - Cooper

               3rd - Lottie

We'd love to have photos of all the winners, so please send them to, together with their class and position.

Winning Team - Wine Bluff Quiz.jpg

Call My Wine Bluff

With an incredible 5 out of 6 wines correctly identified, this team knew their stuff!

The Glums - Quiz winners.jpeg

Festival Quiz Night

The Quiz was won by 'The Glums', but they're not at all gloomy! The name is a play on their names - George, Len, Lynne and Margaret!

And, this is the second time they've won this Quiz!

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